System and control Engineering Lab., Power Device Group,
Div. Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Eng.
Graduate School of Eng., Osaka University
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About Funaki Lab.

Our laboratory focuses on the design optimization of electrical energy system and road traffic system to manage the energy and environmental issue in global scale. We are approaching to the theme from system level and element level. To this end, we model the element of the system; e.g. energy conversion and storage device, power switching device, and other electric and electronics components. Then, we develop the system level model of electrical power and energy system, and road traffic system based on the developed element model. The optimum design of social infrastructure is estimated and proposed with mathematical approach.



Research work?: Introduces the research work in our laboratory.

Educational research?: The past educational research work for Ph.D., Master and bachelor course.

Projects?: Ongoing national project and cooperative research work with company in our laboratory.

Achievements?: Articles for journal and conference paper for our research work.

Facilities?: Facilities and equipment to use for our research work.

Events: Calendar for conferences and parties.

Access to the Lab.

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Clients for research work or applicants for admission should contact through secretary of PI. The contact information is as follows?.


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