The need to reduce the size and weight of power conversion circuits is not only for mobile applications, but also for fixed installation applications. By increasing the switching frequency of power devices, the required reactors and capacitors can be reduced. On the other hand, the effects of parasitic inductance and capacitance in circuit wiring, etc., cannot be ignored in high-frequency switching operations, so high-density mounting of circuit components to reduce these effects is also essential. However, simply densely arranging circuit components can cause semiconductor device operation imbalance and destruction due to heat concentration. This is an unavoidable problem especially in power conversion circuits using wide bandgap power semiconductor devices such as SiC, which are expected to operate at high switching speeds and high temperatures. Funaki Laboratory is developing power modules that take into account electromagnetic interactions, heat generation, heat transfer, and other phenomena in circuit operation, as well as mounting techniques for power semiconductor devices such as die bonding and wire bonding, in order to achieve higher power density in power conversion circuits.


Research work

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